To poo…. or not to poo…. Shampoo that is

So I’ve decided I am going to try the no poo hair cleaning method starting yesterday! I have been considering, contemplating and debating it over and over. Is it really worth it? I mean I don’t exactly spend a ton of money on shampoo anyways. Suave professionals all the way.

So why switch?

I know with pcos I am going to have oily hair. I know it’s going to be thinning and getting thinner. I get so jealous of those girls with beautiful thick hair that can go 2 and 3 days without washing and it still looks great! If I even consider not washing my hair, my scalp goes into oil production overload.

Does it have to be this way?

Shampoo is loaded with chemicals that strip all your natural oils from your hair to give you that shiny bouncy healthy hair look you see in commercials. I don’t know about you, but my hair never looks like hair in the commercials. I load it down with mouse and hair spray, I tease and comb and I might be able to achieve a stiff frozen version of a hairstyle. Definitely not the flowing beautiful version on tv.

So is shampoo really helping our hair and scalp? If there’s a better way, aside from the fact that it’s cheaper, to clean your hair and keep it healthier and fuller with out harsh chemicals why not try it right?

I’ve heard there’s an awful transition period that last about a month where your hair adabts to not having to over produce oil, so it is still over producing oil and your hair gets very oily and stringy. This is why I have avoided trying this for so long. But it always gets worse before it gets better right? Then I read a blog from PcosDiva and her hair actually started getting fuller! This is what I wanted, no needed. I needed my hair back. With everything else we deal with while struggling with PCOS, I was tired of my hair being one of them.

Will it be worth the transitional period? That has yet to be seen! I will definitely be keeping you posted and we will see how the no poo works out!

I am using 1tbs baking soda to 1cup of water making sure it is dissolved.
For conditioning I am using about 5 capfulls of Braggs raw apple cider vinegar to about 12oz of water (I used an old shampoo bottle for this mix)

Here is day 1 of no poo:


My hair actually had a little more volume today and I used no products in it. I’ll check back in a few days to let you know how it is going!


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