Getting better at this whole gluten free thing ;-)

So, so full! Today I was really craving spaghetti. Saucy, delicious, carb loaded, comforting spaghetti. I’ve been avoiding this meal since I went gluten free for one simple reason. Yummy, chewy, crunchy, buttery, garlic bread. A spaghetti dinner isn’t complete until you have garlic, bread, and butter put together.

All my attempts thus far to make gluten free breads (with an exception of one semi successful bread which I will blog about later) have been a big fail. No successful gluten free bread meant nothing to make gluten free garlic bread with.

Tonight I was on a mission. I wanted spaghetti and it had to have garlic bread with it! Google here I come!

I found a recipe that looked and sounded too good to be true, so, of course I had to try it. Here is the link to the original recipe. I adjusted it slightly so I’ll update it for you below.

Here is what I did.

1c warm milk
1tbs yeast
1tbs honey
4tbs melted butter (for dough) I chopped up my garlic, (3 or so cloves however garlicky you like it) added it to the butter, and melted it together. Mmmmm garlic butter.
2tbs butter (for rolling dough balls in)
1 egg
1c almond flour
1c brown rice flour
2tbs tapioca starch/flour
2tbs potato starch
1tsp flax meal
2 teaspoons xanthan gum
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt (I eliminated b/c I used salted butter)

I mixed the dry ingredients and added 1c grated parmesan 1st, then used my mixer to mix in the wet. All the other instructions I followed.

This recipe surpassed my expectations.The texture was soft and moist like fresh baked bread. The taste was perfectly, garlic, parmesan bread. Just what I wanted to go with my spaghetti dinner. I will definitely be trying other variations of this yummy pull apart bread.

Here is a picture I snapped of these succulent balls of dough before they were gone!!


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