Farmer’s Markets and Shopping local

My mom and I have developed a Saturday tradition of going to the Farmer’s market. Whether it be the one in our local town, or when it closes( or we feel like an adventure), the ones an hour or so away. I cannot express how much I LOVE going to farmer’s markets, getting to talk to the farmers, and learning about new fruits, and veggies I come across. Anytime I come across something different I buy what I can and test it out.

Earlier this summer I happened upon some fresh picked Golden Chanterelles. They were a little pricey, but oh so worth it in the delicious risotto I made with them that night! I have even happened upon Concord Grapes at a farmer’s market! They made yummy jam! This past weekend was no different. We loaded up, and drove about 45min east of my hometown to a farmer’s market. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see how many farmers where there in October when things are usually winding down. I got lots of goodies!

Cucumbers!! I was so incredibly happy to see cucumbers. They will be dwindling away soon so I snatch some fresh ones up anytime I get a chance. They are full of healthy tidbits, like vitamins a, b, c, and d, folate, calcium, and magnesium. There have also been studies showing the lignans: lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol (I know a heck of a lot of words I CANNOT pronounce) found in cucumbers help fight, get this, CANCER! Specifically ovarian, breast and uterine cancers! So cucumber up ladies 😉


Squash, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

Let’s just say I have yet to find a squash that I don’t like. Summer squash, winter squash, yellow, pattie pan, zucchini or butternut. I love them all. On top of that, they all have different, yet equally as awesome health benefits!

Summer squashes have been shown to help your eyesight (full of lutein), reduce risk of high blood pressure (calcium and magnesium), help your body process fats, carbs, and glucose (very high in manganese), control PMS symptoms (also due to the manganese), and guess what!?!? They help fight cancers! With their high abundance of vitamin C, they boost your immune system, help prevent premature aging, and inhibit cancer cell division and growth.

Winter squashes are not without their own wonderful health benefits. Along with being packed with tons of vitamins and minerals, they have anti-inflammatory benefits,  and they help regulate blood sugar. They are also full of beta-carotene which among many other things help fight cancer.


 I also got some wonderfully fresh, crisp, vibrant green kale.

Low in calories, high in fiber, and zero fat! Kale, sweetheart, you are delish! Kale isn’t just fat free and high fiber! It is also loaded with iron, calcium, vitamins a, c, and k, and antioxidants. On top of all that it is a great anti-inflammatory and supports heart health. 🙂


My treasure of the weekend though, was this nifty little root called Jerusalem artichoke. Which oddly enough is not from Jerusalem, nor is it an artichoke. It is actually a tuber from America. It looks a lot like a ginger root and taste faintly of a potato. It can be cooked a ton of different ways or simply added to a salad and eaten raw. Its current nutritional boast are its high mineral content (potassium, iron, and magnesium), a variety of b vitamins and its high inulin content. Inulin is known as a pre-biotic, and totes as food for your good bacteria in your tummy and intestines.  Some studies have also shown it to be beneficial for diabetics, pre-diabetics, and high blood pressure sufferers. With PCOS being an insulin resistant disease, I thought… Well it couldn’t hurt!

jerusalem artichoke

I have only taste tested a little of it. I wasn’t disappointed, it definitely has potential to be very tasty! I will for sure let you know when I cook with it. There might even be a blog :p

From one PCOSer to another I encourage you to shop local. Find a farmer’s market, or a local farmer and get to know them. Even if you can’t find one that is 100% organic, you are still cutting down on a lot of the pesticides and excess crap they spray on fresh produce for transport. If it is not organic you can always wash it in a vinegar and water bath to help remove any pesticide residue. So many of these “safe” pesticides have been shown to alter and effect the hormones in our body. Is it any wonder so many women are now suffering from PCOS?


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