Dieting and PCOS

The number one question I hear from PCOSers is “What diet is best?” There have been books, blogs and articles a plenty telling us how to eat, what not to eat, what to eat and when to eat it. Don’t eat sugar at all, eliminate carbs, eat lots of lean protien, drink this shake 4 times a day, beans are bad, beans are good, pork is bad, beef is bad, eliminate meats all together, juice anything and everything, stick it in a blender, go atkins, whole grains are bad, take these pills, do this program, eat 2 eggs and a cup of black coffee for breakfast, eat a grapefruit with every meal, whole grains are good, go paleo.


STOP! Just stop!

There is not a single program, diet, pill, or juice that will help you better than knowledge, understanding and moderation. Knowledge of what you eat and what is in it. Knowledge of how to read your labels and understand all those crazy, hard to pronounce words that they stick on those packages in little tiny print. Knowledge and understanding of how those little tiny print words effect the chemicals in your body that allow it to function properly. Knowledge about the fruits, veggies and other items that you put on your plate and understanding what can heal and hurt your body. Knowledge of where your food comes from and how its been processed.

It is your body take control. Read blogs, not just one but lots on a topic. Study articles on both sides of the spectrum and form your opinion from an unbiased standpoint. I chose to go gluten free because I felt that it would best suit the needs of my body. There were a lot of reasons, reading, research and information that went behind my decision. I read the signs of gluten intolerance. I read countless articles about gluten intolerance. Some said it directly effects PCOS, while others claim it has no standing whatsoever in PCOS dieting.

I want to do what’s best for my body. I see to many people jump on bandwagons and have no clue what they are getting into. Two weeks later they have already given up. I know, I’ve been one of those people. The ups and downs of “dieting” are what taught me that a “diet” isn’t going to help me. Changing my life is. I eat in moderation. If I want grains, I search for gluten free grain foods and I use them. If I want beans and red meat, I buy organic on both accounts. I pick foods with care making sure everything I put in my body serves a purpose. I try to avoid over eating any one item, and if I am going to have a couple drinks (because I’m not completely over that lol) I limit my intake and make sure it’s gluten free 😉

I left for you below a link to an article with 10 signs of gluten intolerance in case you want to check it out 🙂


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