Shut your mouth black bean brownies!!!!!

So, I am a chocolate fiend and a bit of a foodie…. I’m sure the chocolate part comes with the territory (being a woman, pcos, pms) I’ll blame it on all of the above. After a couple disappointing  gluten free bread baking escapades, I needed to prove to myself I CAN DO THIS! I am not going to resign myself to eating crappy, cardboard tasting, gluten free foods the rest of my life. A chef friend of mine recommended I try black bean brownies when I first decided to try gluten free. I am not a person to instantly shun an idea because it doesn’t sound like it would be amazing. I will try pretty much ANYTHING. Not even kidding. My gears started turning and I began to google recipes. I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when, but I did know I was going to make these brownies.

Today I did just that! Let’s just say I was not disappointed. After combing through many recipes I found one that sounded like a winner at . Check out her blog sometime! If her other recipes are as good as this one, I will definitely be trying more!

Not only are these brownies DELISH! They are filled with fiber and protein! If that doesn’t knock some of the guilt off, I don’t know what will!

So lets start from the beginning.

The Ingredients:


Ghiradelli chocolate baking chips were on sale at Kroger! SCORE! Unfortunately there was an apparent gold rush on cocoa powder, so I couldn’t be picky. Ingredients: Cocoa. That’s all i needed to know 🙂 I used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, because I really like the flavor it gives things. I also used Coconut sugar. It is my new favorite, and go to sugar substitute! Mainly because it is ABSOLUTELY delicious among other reasons.



The recipe calls for you to use a food processor. Well I haven’t invested in a larger food processor. The one I have is tiny…. Tiny really doesn’t even describe this food processor. Let’s just say I need a new one 😉 I opted for my old faithful, tried and true Black and Decker hand mixer. I am sure a food processor would have given me a much finer, batter like consistency. However, I am not picky. I beat the heck out of it with my handmixer.

More Chocolate!


Yup, more chocolate. Because, who doesn’t want more chocolate! I bought two different types of chocolate chips, dark and milk. Of course I couldn’t decide, so I put both…….. Why not? 🙂 I stirred them in, poured the batter into my greased baking dish, and topped it off with some more chocolate chips…… Go big or go home right? Popped them in my preheated oven and went to distract myself for the next 18ish minutes. It did not take long for me to start smelling that familiar scent of brownies. My timer went off and out of my oven came this.

The finished product.


OH MAN! Now I patiently waited 10 minutes for them to cool. You might actually need to wait closer to 20….. As hard as that may be… They were still a bit to warm and gooey to get out in one piece after 10 minutes 🙂 I did not care!

Overall this recipe is quick and delicious. It definitely taste like brownies!



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