Baby Showers? To go or not to go…. That is the question


So this topic popped up on one of the PCOS forums I am active in. Let me just start off by saying…. For those friends of mine who have had babies, recently or in the past, please do not take this as I am not happy for you, but the happiness that I have for you is bittersweet. For those of us fighting with PCOS, the infertility that comes along with it is heartbreaking, and in that heartbreak it is hard to put on a smile for those living your dream. So when I politely decline your invite to a baby shower, I am in by no way attempting to be rude or say I am unhappy for you and your sweet family. Please realize that while I maybe happy for you, I am internally grieving for myself.

That being said. What is the polite way to decline a baby shower? Send a gift card? Come up with an excuse at the last minute, or just keep a standing no baby shower policy? Can you go to one and not offend someone else by not going to theirs? What do you do when you feel like everyone around you is having babies?!?!? I personally get some chocolate, a great funny movie, and cuddle on the couch….. Maybe not the best way to deal with my emotions, but I guess that’s what the blog is for now. CHIN UP my fellow PCOSers! We will get there… One way or another 🙂 In the meantime, take the poll.


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